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So you are thinking about giving RISE Fitness Community a try, and you want to know where to begin. Let us introduce ourselves to you, tell you what you can expect during your first classes and explain our programming.


Michelle, an exercise physiologist & lifelong athlete, and Jess, a certified personal trainer & former college field hockey player, started RISE back in 2012. Picture early morning interval training on our driveways, in local parks, and at school gyms. We loved showing people how great they could feel if they took care of their health. Knowing that we were called to help more people and hearing from our athletes that they wanted more class times inspired us to take a huge leap of faith. We opened our studio just North of Upper Arlington in May 2017. We upgraded our exercise programs, recreated our RISE brand, and dreamed up a new concept that complimented our current offerings. RISE Run Club was born, Columbus was introduced to it's first indoor running studio, and HIIT IT now had a home.


Not only do we specialize in running and interval training, but our team members are all CERTIFIED personal trainers and certified running coaches. We prioritize education and experience so that you can ask us all of the questions. Our studio has become just what it is called: a community. Every athlete walks in searching for purpose, stress relief, health, strength, teammates and inspiration. When you walk through our doors, you will begin a journey towards a better, stronger self and find camaraderie along the way. We will meet you where you are starting and guide you towards the classes that are the best fit for your current fitness level & goals. YOU WILL YOU CAN YOU ARE.

BEFORE YOUR FIRST CLASS: download our RISE Fitness Community app, "purchase" your first class free, and sign into HIIT IT BASE, HIIT IT GROW, or RISE Run Club POWER. Bring water and an exercise mat, and plan to arrive 15 minutes before class begins. Your trainer will give you a heart rate monitor to borrow for your first class and show you around. After your first class, you can purchase a Scosche arm band for $79 or purchase any ANT+ enabled heart rate monitor from vendors online (Scosche, Garmin, Wahoo, Oran** Theo**, Polar H7 all work).


HIIT IT: Interval training at our mats in the front studio. Envision dumbbells, jump ropes, mountain climbers, squats, presses & live heart rate monitoring.

(muscle groups assigned on chalkboard in studio)

HIIT IT BASE: Low Impact, Predictable, 1:1 cardio:strength, Focus on form

HIIT IT BUILD: High Impact, 2:1 cardio:strength, High calorie burn

HIIT IT GROW: Low Impact, 1:2 cardio:strength, Focus on strength

HIIT IT ENDURE: Moderate Impact, 1:1 cardio:strength, Focus on muscular endurance & smaller support muscle groups

HIIT IT RISE: High Impact, Unpredictable, Anything goes

RISE RUN CLUB: Indoor running studio with a priority on strategic strength training. Envision do-able intervals, pace charts for every fitness level, burning lots of calories with the help of your team & trainer and live heart rate monitoring.

(always total body)

RISE RUN CLUB POWER: 25-30 minutes Sprints + 25-30 minutes Low Impact Strength Training

RISE RUN CLUB PRECISION: 10 minutes Sprints, Hills, Fartleks, Agility, Drills + 10 minutes Low Impact Strength Training, repeat for 55-60 minutes

RISE RUN CLUB PURSUIT: 45-60 minutes of a tempo run with flair, Just outside of comfort zone, longer distances covered