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RISE athletes focus on smart fueling, and this requires education, planning ahead and follow through. With the help of our amazing Registered Dietitian Dena, Michelle and Jessica guide our athletes through daily & weekly challenges that help everyone to upgrade fueling habits. Participants receive healthy recipes, fresh suggestions for smart fueling through the busy seasons of life and advice to share with the whole family.


Online challenges are run on a secret, private Facebook page and can be completed from home. They include daily informational and challenge videos in order to learn about nutrition science and stay inspired during the 3 weeks. We set specific parameters to follow during the program to help athletes gain momentum and keep it going after the challenge. Many of our athletes discover that just a few small shifts in behavior help them to reach their goals faster. We even discuss the most common mistakes athletes make that prevent health and weight loss goals. To give you a few examples, athletes are expected to complete 5 workouts weekly, track and post daily nutrition, and avoid eating at restaurants. If you are ready to put all of the puzzle pieces together, get your nutrition questions answered by a REGISTERED DIETITIAN & EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST, then all you have to do it purchase one of the package options to get on our roster.



$120 for 3-week challenge (workouts not included)

$150 for 3-week challenge + 12-month access to RISE online workouts

or $150 for 3-week challenge + 30-minute consultation with Registered Dietitian Dena Champion



"This online challenge was EXACTLY what I needed!  Just feeling like I wasn’t the only person trying to get it together before the bathing suites come out was so helpful.  Left to my own devices I would have done the same things I’ve done year after year to try and get rid of the extra pounds, using the excuse “I know what works for me.”  While in this program I learned that many of my tactics are ineffective- I have learned that I was actually starving my body, which is why I was back to ground zero every single year!  It was helpful to see that it CAN be done and that there are people exercising and eating well every day.  I just needed to get into the routine and feel like I was a part of a larger group.  You may not think you have the will-power to do a challenge like this, but I promise YOU can.  The first few days are hard but once you see your body change for the better, feel healthy, strong and energized you will be inspired to keep it up!" -Ryan M.


"I am a huge believer in RISE Fitness Community. This particular challenge was a huge benefit to me. I loved that the focus of this challenge was for each member to upgrade their own personal choices, which allowed for individuality within a group challenge.  The challenge created a situation for me to take time to look at my bad habits and helped me find ways to begin the process of breaking these habits and upgrading to new and healthier ones.  Both Michelle and Jessica are very knowledgeable and very accessible and responsive to any need or question. The challenge was a great way to boost my efforts forward in having a healthier more balanced life.  I look forward to my progress check next week!" -Alicia B.


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