• Michelle & Jessica

Choosing Weights In RISE Classes

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

As a general rule of thumb in RISE classes, we want athletes to pick up weights that are 60-70% of your current one rep max for muscular hypertrophy. More muscle = increased resting metabolic rate, reduced chances for injury, better posture, reduced back pain & aches, and more. Think about how heavy you could go if you lifted as heavy as possible for only one rep and then choose weights that are 60-70% of that number. Your one rep max will increase as you gain muscle. Proper form and range of motion are important. Aim for 18-30 reps for each strength exercise (if we go 3x through a circuit, count your reps to equal 6-10 before the timer beeps). For safe, realistic progression, we recommend that with consistency every 3-4 months consider going up in weights for a given muscle group.

Keep in mind that HIIT IT is faster paced with quick transistions compared to the strength training during RISE Run Club that is slow & controlled. This means go one level heavier in RISE Run Club compared to HIIT IT.

Read below for common exercises we do in RISE classes for each muscle group. This will help you when choosing dumbbells according to the rules above.

Upper Body, bicep curls, overhead press, bent over row, straight arm pullovers.

Lower Body, squats, deadlifts, glute bridges, walking lunges.

Core, plank rows, 6-inch hold + chest fly, russian twists, triangle presses.

Total Body, Turkish get-ups, reverse lunge bicep curl, surrenders, step-up + upright row. If you are limited by your upper body for total body exercises like squat to press? Go heavy and change the ratio as you gain strength. 2 squats + 1 oh press.

Exceptions: HIIT IT ENDURE uses lighter dumbbells and resistance bands specifically targeting support muscles, muscular endurance and smaller muscle groups. Because of this many of the exercises are not traditional strength exercises, use different movement patterns and are more focused on stability rather than muscular hypertrophy. Another exception to the rules above are when workouts include fast cardio exercises that

require a dumbbell such as weighted jump squats or cross chop with swivel. When you arrive at the studio, your trainer will guide you in picking up equipment - we might even tell you to go heavier (or lighter) during your workout so that you get the best results.