• Michelle & Jessica


During HIIT IT & RISE Run Club workouts, do you have a plan to progress? Let's say you have reached a couple of goals and you aren't sure where to go next, try the ideas below to progress towards a higher fitness level. Choose ONE of the below at a time. Once mastered, move on to another. As a general rule of thumb, choose one below and plan for a 10% improvement & progression every few weeks. 1. Improve form and mechanics for exercises that are difficult for you. *Trainer Tip: ask your trainer to help before or after class. Then go home and practice. 2. Increase dumbbell weight for each muscle group: upper, lower, core, total. *Trainer Tip: For HIIT IT & RISE Run Club, pick 1 muscle group to work on for a month and then move towards the next with total body being last on the list. 3. Increase number of reps in allotted amount of time for any given exercise and intentionally maintain muscle activation for the entire ROM. *Trainer Tip: keep track of how many push-ups, squats, curl presses etc and then try to add a few reps each week. 4. Add an additional weekly workout (with a cap of 6 & we recommend 5). *Trainer tip: When you add an additional weekly workout, stay with that number of weekly workouts for at least 3 months before adding another to reduce chances for injury. 5. Vary your class choices. *Trainer Tip: If you normally take Precision on Mondays, give BASE a try. If you normally take POWER of Saturdays, give GROW a try. 6. Buy a weighted vest or weighted jump rope. *Trainer Tip: we like the Hyperwear brand. Make sure to start with the least amount of weight AND only wearing it for 5-10 minutes 1-2x weekly. Add 10% to the total time worn each week or 10% amount of weight. 7. Increase speed .1mph faster for each level on the treadmill. *Trainer Tip: every 3-6 months of consistent work, re-evaluate your levels. 8. Increase QUALITY of nutrition. 9. Focus on QUANTITY of nutrition. 10. Be strategic with TIMING of nutrition.