• Michelle & Jessica

Hey Marathoners! Remember these tips going into peak training.

by Jessica Kopp, RISE Owner, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and RRCA Certified Running Coach

Peak marathon training for Fall races is upon us. Now more than ever it is important to remember the gait cues RISE trainers and running coaches give our runners. Getting to this point in training is an accomplishment, but the work isn't done yet. Stay the course, trust the process (your body and mind are adapting rapidly) and you will be ready for your startline. Below are some great cues to remember on your runs and especially when your muscles begin to fatigue.

  1. Relax your facial expression

  2. Slight forward lean that extends from ankle to shoulder

  3. Roll your shoulders down and back

  4. Open up your chest cavity to allow your heart to fully expand

  5. Elbows are pulled in like you are running in a narrow hallway

  6. Hands are relaxed and swing from hip bone to check bone

  7. Engage your core by pulling your belly button away from your shirt

  8. Your forward step should be short, this is your pull.

  9. Your push back is twice that of your pull, shin comes parallel to the ground

  10. Land mid to forefoot, the widest part of your foot is made to absorb 3-5 times your body weight in force.