Get the best of RISE in-studio workouts from wherever you are; your basement, garage, backyard or hotel room. You can now sweat with RISE anytime, anywhere, and choose the intensity level & muscle group. You have access to 25+ HIIT IT, RISE Run Club and strength only workouts & growing!
TO ACCESS RISE ON DEMAND: Just open your RISE Fitness Community app, click on menu, select RISE On Demand and select from the workout catalog. Packages that apply to RISE ON DEMAND: all unlimited class packages, monthly RISE On Demand contract, annual RISE On Demand access package.
Join us for interval training with purpose at home. 
Expect 60 minutes of interval training that includes cardiovascular exercise + strength training. Led by one of your favorite trainers with beat pumping music, HIIT IT challenges your cardiovascular system and increases your skeletal muscle. These workouts will increase your resting metabolic rate, improve VO2max, and help you become stronger and fitter than ever. HIIT IT is perfect for someone looking to increase their overall fitness level or as cross training for an athlete in training.
Run on your own time: Click the audio link when you are ready to start your run, put your headphones in & go. Led by your favorite RRC certified running coach, experience next level running. Trainers provide form guidance, pump up music and coach you through your run. POWER runs incorporate sprint intervals to add up to approximately 3 miles of work in many distance combinations. Once these track-repeat-style intervals are complete, select a strength only video to complete your 60minute well rounded workout. PURSUIT runs are 45-60 minutes of running to challenge your body for the long haul. Led by one of your favorite trainers + running coaches with beat pumping music, this class incorporates long intervals, hills, some speed work and a tempo feel.
These 30 minute strength-only workouts are designed for runners after an interval training run. They are also perfect for a beginner athlete who needs to build a base level of strength and prepare for interval training. Remember the more muscle we have, the less likely we are to get injured and the faster we will run.